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Drawing Community

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Welcome to the Drawing Community!
This community is for those who love to draw, as well as anyone who admires and appreciates art.
Not sure of what to draw? Check here for some ideas.

1) As of 07/10/07, there are new guidelines regarding the posting of photos in this community. Please read them before you share your work. Thank you.

2) If you are altering and posting work belonging to someone other than yourself, or just posting work belonging to someone else, please make a note of it.

3) Have fun, be creative, share your work as often as possible.

4) Breaking rules one or two may result in warning and/or banning.

Disclaimer: This community may contain artistic nudity. If you're offended by the possibility of such images, then I suggest you don't go any further. Thanks.

Maintained by aa and sweet_opiate.

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